Current Litter Announcement!

Pups arrived in the wee hours of 4/28.  All are  reserved

*Future litter: Halle has been bred to Bono for a September litter!  There are is one male  and 2 female reservations left for this last litter for 2017.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more details.

 *Puppy Questionnaire*


Tanglewood Key Largo



 Babe has been bred to Beau and we look for puppies in mid April with a mid June go home date!  Puppies will be cream in color, with beautiful heads and structure as well as excellent temperaments and health.    Babe’s Mom, Maizi is my therapy dog and has passed her wonderful, sweet temperament to her daughter!  Babe is 55 pounds with wavy, correct “English” coat and Beau is 85 pounds and is so gentle and laid back.  They compliment each other very well and I am thrilled with this union!   There is only one male reservation available, so if you are interested, please fill out the puppy questionnaire and I will get back to you!

How do I raise litters?  
 They are whelped in a spare bedroom where I reside as well, and are closely monitored to ensure the well being of both puppies and Mom!  Various stimuli are introduced at appropriate times, such as daily handling (cleaning whelping box, daily weighing, weekly nail cutting, deworming, etc).  As they develop, their eyes and ears open and their world begins to come into focus and they need further proper stimuli. They are introduced to sights and sounds around the house and also to the outdoors, age appropriate toys and obstacles to solve, potty training, crate training, introduction to bathing and the grooming table (I groom Goldens!) and lot's and lot's of proper socialization with people, car rides, my horses, dogs and our resident cat!   I absolutely love my puppies and everyone remarks that they are the easiest puppies to raise because of the start they receive here!

July Litter

Halle has been bred to Bono for a July litter with pups going home in September. 
There are only a few reservations left for this pair.  
You can read more about them if you click on their names.  Puppies will be ranges of cream like their parents with beautiful heads, structure and outstanding temperaments!


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