Other Pets

Here are our other four legged friends:

Our rescue girl:
HT's Lucy, I'm Home!

Lucy came to us when her owner didn't want her anymore.  She was left at our vet's office and I was working there at the time.   She won me over...  I have always admired Standard Poodles as a breed and she gets along here at home with all the Goldens, horses and cats.   She fits in wonderfully and always brings a smile to my face.   She is a loving, spayed pet here.  Please read this article about my views on Goldendoodles, "Rare White Goldens" and other unfortunate issues that are impacting the Golden Retriever breed today: 

Excuuuuse us--Did we say WE were ready yet?!



My McCurdy Plantation Horse, trail buddy in 2008 above and below in 2016



Chip's best friend, Hobbs (the miniature mule). Feisty, feisty feisty!


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