Our Photos
Maizi and I on a therapy visit
We have regular visitors here at SilkSpun Goldens!   
This was a class of 5th and 6th graders who stopped over to say hello!
 Maizi and Babe welcoming visitors!
Halle giving sugar to visitors! 

Maizi was the “face” of our local therapy chapter in 2015: "Hand In Paw” (partnering with Pet Partners).  We miss doing therapy with this wonderful organization!  When Maizi is retired from breeding (now she is producing wonderful therapy kids!) we would like to return.  In the meantime, we are doing therapy visits through our church and school:

(This girl was a little fearful of dogs and was afraid to touch Maizi's nose.  She saw how safe she was with the other children and  courageously reached right out to pat maizi!)

A couple of photos from some of our travels:

On our trip to Italy we spotted this Golden waiting patiently for his owner who was shopping inside.

Our trip to Northern Ireland took me to the outstanding kennel of Erinderry to meet Catherine Collins and her dogs!

Our visit to Dublin summer '12 and to Whisper Goldens with Darby and Clancy!
An older Golden resting with his family in Bushmills, N Ireland summer '12




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