Halle had 8 gorgeous puppies who will be going to homes in early September!   All puppies are spoken for at this time.  Check back with us for our Spring and Summer litters in 2018!



I am very excited to announce the birth of 8 puppies-4 females and 4 males!  Both Halle and Bono have therapy dogs as parents, so I am anticipating temperaments suitable for therapy work, obedience and outstanding family companions!  Puppies are ranges of cream, with beautiful heads, structure and outstanding temperaments!  All puppies are spoken for.  If you are interested in our Spring and Summer litters next year, please     email me.    I look forward to hearing from you!

HOW do I whelp litters?  I whelp all my litters in a quiet, spare bedroom and am with them around the clock for their first few weeks.  As they mature, their needs change and I offer them age appropriate stimulation and socialization opportunities. At the appropriate time, I introduce potty training and later train them to a litterbox to help them choose a designated place “to go” that keeps their sleep and play area clean.  It’s dedicated work that’s well worth it, and my puppy family members have great things to say about their newest family members and the ease of their transition into their new homes.  Less stress on everyone!

Have a scheduling conflict for the intended pick up date or do you want to leave your puppy here for the first few weeks for some training?  No problem, I offer that service!  We can discuss your needs and desires for your new family member. Your puppy will have a great jumpstart on potty training, crate training, grooming sessions and manners for his/her new home!

How do I get to Alabama from, say, CA??  While I love having my dogs grow up nearby, if you live far away from AL for pick up,  you can book a flight in to take your puppy home as a carry on!   They also travel well by car for several hours. I have done both several times and can help prepare you for either of these much safer alternatives to shipping a puppy!