Current and Future Litters

Current and Future Litters

Interested in a SilkSpun litter?

We have two litters planned for 2022.

#1:    Ember has been bred to Connor for her first litter!  We finally got all of her FINAL  health clearances finished (she’s almost 3!) and mailed off to OFA and she passed all with flying colors!   Phew!   Always a sigh of relief.  So with that green light and the timing is perfect, they have been bred.   Ember is a very beautiful and elegant female!   These pups will be here hopefully in April and going to homes in June.   Litter reservations are almost full.  There are only two reservations for male puppies available for this litter now.  If interested, please contact me for more information.

#2:  The Connor x Savvy list is currently full, but there may be more puppies than reserved.  So stay tuned.  I will make updates. That will be my second and last litter for this year.


So, just how do I whelp litters?

In our home in a spare bedroom.  I stay with the litter for their first several weeks to ensure they have every chance for a healthy beginning.  When their ears and eyes open, I bring them into our sunroom and kitchen to introduce them to all the normal household sounds and activity.  I purposely invite a diversity of friends and ages to visit for socialization and the puppies go outside from 4 weeks on both as a litter and as individuals to meet the world around them and play on appropriate equipment.   I have horses and a cat to meet as well as all my other dogs at home.

Before they leave our home, all puppies are:   Highly socialized, having walked on as many as 25 various surfaces, been in every room in our home as well as my mother’s home, they have been on outdoor adventures, they’ve been bathed, groomed (I am a Golden groomer), been in and out of various style crates, on car  rides, appropriately listened to CD’s of fireworks, thunderstorms and all kinds of noises and that’s only some of what I do with them to have them ready for their new families and the world.  I litter box train them early on, so that their play and sleep areas are kept clean and they understand there is a designated place to go, which is a natural desire they possess.  This makes it easier for them to be house-trained and less stress on all.  Even though I know my puppies very well along the way,  I go the extra mile and have them temperament tested at 7 weeks away from our home by someone unfamiliar  to them and all new stimulating toys in order to get a fresh response to firm up all placing decisions.  My aim is a stress free transition as possible for all!    I have done this successfully for 17 years so that there are few surprises and lifelong connections!   I LOVE my puppies and care that they make wonderful family members and ambassadors of their breed and assets to their communities!

So how do I get a Silkspun puppy if I am not nearby?   Since I don’t ship my puppies, folks can fly in on certain airlines and take their new babies home aboard with them or drive them home.   Puppies are great travelers and can also be driven great distances quite comfortably.   I have done both and can help you with all travel questions.

Training:  From time to time, I can board your puppy for a bit longer before pick up and also offer training for pups until they can sleep through the night and are crate trained with obedience training as well.  Feel free to speak with me about your needs and I am happy to answer questions and tailor this time for you and your puppy.



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