Strolling Down Memory Lane

Maizi – X’udes Amaizn’ Tude


Ria – Verdoro’s Ocho Rios


Silk – Touch of Silk de la lande d’Argos

Sept 27, 2002 – April 7, 2017


Silk was  a joy to train in obedience and in the field, although no title surrounded her name.  She was our resident alpha “mare” and our most playful, puppy-like girl in the house.   She had personality plus and lived life to the fullest!   She watched anything on TV  with intensity!  We miss her so much-she left a large hole that no dog can ever replace!

Bailey – Tanglewood Touch of Creme,CD,CGC

April 2005 – March 2016


Bailey was a very special boy. He lived to please and was instantly at our side if we needed or asked anything of him. I made every mistake anyone can make in training and showing him and he met me with patience and made me look good in the process! He lived to retrieve and bring joy to all. He was always a family pet and lived with friends close by spreading the love that he was born to share. We miss him so much!