About Us

Once Upon a SilkSpun...

Welcome to Silkspun Golden Retrievers! Thank you for stopping by to visit. Silkspun is situated on a small farm located near Birmingham, AL.

I got my start in 2003 with the very beautiful French import, Touch of Silk (thus SilkSpun). She lived to the ripe age of 14 1/2 with a full life!

Since then, I have been very fortunate to be able to import, show and breed lovely examples of English-type Goldens with stellar temperaments.   As a result, I have some of the best Silkspun families all over the United States and locally, who return again and again for another Silkspun family member!  I am humbled and honored to be trusted by so many.   Thank you!

My passion for the breed

I (Laurie) am a member of the GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) and have enjoyed training and showing my dogs to all of their obedience titles and aspire to add tracking to the list. In addition, therapy opportunities are a passion, as well as showing in the conformation ring when the opportunity arises.

Each litter is bred with great intention, with regard to health, temperament, and pedigree for healthy future bloodlines! All of my dogs have their necessary health clearances for the Golden Retriever, including DNA testing.

I welcome calls and home visits when set up in advance. There is a screening process to ensure proper homes for future pups that includes my questionnaire, phone calls (and visits, as possible).
I hope you will utilize the golden retriever of America site, for it is a wealth of information on the breed and will aid you in your search for a puppy:  https://www.grca.org/find-a-golden/about-breeders/selecting-a-breeder/
As a responsible breeder,  each of my dog’s everyday needs matter and all litters get my utmost attention while here and beyond our home. For future puppy families, all questions are welcomed, as are photos and stories over the years to come.  I admire folks who do their homework, searching for a well-bred dog in earnest and are not in a rush!
Silkspun exists to produce sound Golden Retrievers to preserve the breed for future generations and offers training and grooming tips and services. Whether you want a prospective obedience dog, therapy dog or a faithful family companion (or all of the above!)—you will get the support you need!

Please continue to check back often so you won’t miss updates!