Required Reading



Did you know that……..

  • Golden Retrievers need lots of exercise to keep them happy.
  • Goldens shed copious amounts of hair twice a year and sufficient amounts throughout the year.
  • Goldens require regular brushing to keep the shedding and tangles under control.
  • Even with regular grooming, you will have dog hair on your clothing and/or furniture.
  • Goldens mature slowly and some Goldens are forever puppies in attitude.
  • Golden Retriever puppies have a lot of energy and even though most of that energy can be discharged through regular, consistent exercise and training, they can still chew (normal puppy behavior) which can be destructive.
  • Goldens require a great deal of your time and attention daily.
  • Goldens have a real need and instinct to carry things. Therefore, they may carry/chew and/or swallow WHATEVER you leave on the floor.
  • Goldens need the company and companionship of people and are happiest when they are with people. They were developed as a breed to possess this characteristic.
  • Even though the Golden breed is noted for being good with children, they should not be left unsupervised with young children.
  • Even though the breed is noted for being calm and easy-going, people-loving dogs, they are still dogs and do not think like humans.
  • Even though the breed is known for being well behaved and intelligent, good behavior from a Golden requires much training on your part.
  • Any Golden can believe that they are more intelligent than their owners and can become stubborn or willful. YOU must learn how to respectfully be in charge.
  • Goldens need your patience and kindness.
  • A Golden will become your best friend!!!
  • Goldens learn best by repetition, consistency and positive reinforcement/praise in training.
  • Even though we have taken every precaution to prevent health problems in our lines, common Golden ailments are: hip dysplasia, joint disease, epilepsy, heart disease, allergies, thyroid problems, cataracts, retinal atrophy, and cancer.
  • *Many undesirable traits/behaviors owners sometimes begin to see are actually inadvertantly introduced and reinforced….by the owners! Many unwanted behaviors can be prevented and/or controlled with proper education and training of both owner and dog.
  • Early, consistent positive training and proper socialization are important and necessary factors in the life of any happy, obedient Golden Retriever. Obedience classes are a MUST, benefiting both dog and owner.